High On The Hog
Territory 8
Now You See Me
Hay Days
Wild Blue
The Last Days of Shaniko
You People
It's A Good Day           
Aliens Invade Vegas                                
Area 51                                                  
Red Herring                                            
The Hangover                                          
Three Days To Vegas                              
The Casino Job                                      
Boys on the Side                                    
The Lost Son                                          


Steve Scott's Outdoor Guide (2011)
The Odds (2010 TV Movie)                       
TMZ (2010)                                             
Mad TV - Episode #5.23                          
Mad TV - Episode #6.9


"It's Cheaper To Keep Her"


Fowler Toyota
Love Birds with Questions
Old Tucson Movie Studios
Desert Diamond Casino
Corona Beer Corona Beer


A Chorus Line (Cassie)                            
Steel Magnolias                                      


Improv Performance                                 
Scene Study & Character Development     
On-Camera Techniques                           
Acting Technique Workshop                    
Casting Director Workshop                      
Acting For Film                                       
Method (Stanislavski)                              
On Camera                                             
Audition Technique           
Special Skills

Dance(s): Ballroom, Club / Freestyle, Country Western, Disco, Hip Hop, Improvisational, Jazz, Modern, Swing, Exotic, Victorian/English Country

Dialect(s): American Southern, Standard American, British, Brooklyn, Italian, New York City, Russian

Language(s): English

Performance(s): Baton Twirling, Bullwhip, Billiards, Card Dealing, Cheerleading, Clowning, Cue Cards, Dubbing, Film Stunts, Firearms, Hosting, Jump Rope, Magic, Modeling, Newscasting, Painting, Puppeteer, Stage Combat, Teleprompter, Yo Yo

Singing Style(s): Country Western, Gospel, Musical Theatre, Operatic, Rock / Pop 

Sport(s): Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling, Body Building, Body Surfing, Boogie Boarding, Bowling, Boxing, Croquet, Darts, Diving, Fly Fishing, Golf, Hiking, Horse Back Riding, Ice Skating, Jump Rope, Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Pilates, Ping Pong, Rock Climbing, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Snorkeling, Softball, Speed Walking, Spinning, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field Events, Triathalon, Trampoline, Volleyball, Wrestling, Yoga

Gina Pratt
Casino Guest                            
Fanny Rae
Lead Ghost
TV Marketing Analyst                  
Office Receptionist              
Hypnotized Volunteer                     
Mid-West tourist                        
Casino Guest                      
Hotel Guest at Valet                     
Joe's Stage Dancer                     
Exotic Dancer                     
Drive-in Spectator                     
Woman in Bar                    
Airline Passenger                    

Dir. John Swider / Chance Film Prod.      
Dir. Tony Wash / Hicktown Ent., Inc       
Dir. Kelly Schwarze / VDE Films Inc       
Dir. Louis Leterrier / Kurtzman Orci Prod 
Dir. Lance Lindahl / God's Plan Prod.      
Dir. Josh Hope / Olive Entertainment       
Dir. Jay Tabares / Day Labor Films         
Dir. Nathaniel Davis / 1261 Pictures
Dir. Laura DeBar / HOUTG Prod.
Dir. Marko Sakren / ICFilms
Dir. Kelly Schwarze / VDE Films Inc.
Dir. Kelly Schwarze / VDE Films Inc.
Dir. Michael Ricks / Sunstone Pict.
Dir. Oren Peli / Blumhouse Prod.
Dir. Ousa Khun / Cohencidence Prod.
Dir. Todd Phillips / Warner Bros.
Dir. Charlie Picerni / Corner Stone
Dir. Chris Hood / Robin Hood Prod.
Dir. Jan De Bont / Spielberg
Dir. Herbert Ross / Warner Bros.
Dir. Chris Mengas / Scala Prod.

Dir. Todd Roberts / Pursuit Channel
Dir. Jeff Wadlow / Silver Pictures
Dir. Harvey Levin / Levin Prod
Dir. Scott Sites / Fox
Dir. Scott Sites / Fox

Dir. Silas Walker / SW Prod.

Dir. John Aspinwall / Something Clever Prod.
Dir. Bob Hammack / New West Group

The Actors Theatre / AZ
The Actors Theatre / AZ

Norman, OK
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Actors Studio / Tucson AZ
Actors Studio / Tucson AZ
Actors Studio / Tucson AZ
The Official Site
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown                    
Hieght: 5'5
Weight: 120 lbs                    
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Hillary Clinton
Hotel Guest #1                             Herself w/ Rip Torn/Archive Clip              Opening Scene Traveler                         Passenger                    

Car Shopper
Brenda Underwood
Cowgirl                                                 Tucson Gambler                                   Tucson Party girll
Supporting                                   Annelle Dupuy Desoto                   

Rebecca McCauley                   
Michael Tylo                                   
Paul Campanella                  
Jenn Gotzon                        
Shari Rhodes                     
Seaan Michal Christopher            
Aileen Reid                         
Leslie Peters                      
Aileen Reid  
Eli Elder
No Rest For The Wicked

Co-writer w/ Jack Snyder
Co-writer w/ Alex Whitmer
Dir. Jack Snyder / BrenRock Prod.
Dir. Jason Smolesky / BrenRock Prod.

Singer's Ex


BrenRock Prod. LLC
BrenRock Prod. LLC